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Your personal contact person will draft a hygiene concept tailored to your needs free of charge. Together we create the conditions so that you and your environment can be optimally protected.

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frequently asked questions

  • The time depends on the number of cubic meters in the room. For 200 m³ you need approx. 60min, for 100 m³ approx. 30min and for 50 m³ approx. 15min. With the use of another nebulizer, the nebulization time can be halved.

  • Defeat AR is approved according to EN 13727, EN 13624 and EN 14476. The efficacy is confirmed against virucide, bactericide and fungicide.

  • Due to our innovative fogging process, the fogging takes place residue-free and dry. All objects in the room do not need to be covered during fogging.

  • For a nebulization time of 1h, approx. 1.1l Defeat AR is nebulized.

  • One nebulizer can disinfect up to 200 m³.