The innovative and simple hygiene solution for everyday life.

Eliminates bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses to


Biodegradable to


Disinfection per device of up to


Innovative technology for dry fogging

A nebulizer that redefines the hygiene standard. Developed for the most demanding areas of application. Manufactured from acid-resistant stainless steel in pharmaceutical quality. Simple operation with ordinary compressed air. Reliable in every application.

The nebulizer, for which a patent is pending, emits microscopic particles of our biological disinfectant. The air carries this onto all surfaces and objects. And behind, below, above. After a short ventilation, the room is fully usable again. Moisture or residues excluded.

Comprehensive and non-alcoholic water-based disinfection

A saline solution and an innovative process form the basis for an effective agent. DEFEAT Konzentrat is based on the active ingredient hypochlorous acid. Dermatologically safe and so safe that it is also used to disinfect drinking water and in the medical field.

DEFEAT Konzentrat is ready-to-use for wipe disinfection, spray disinfection and, above all, for dry misting on all surfaces. After only 15-30 seconds of exposure time, all surfaces are disinfected. The active ingredient breaks down residue-free and environmentally friendly.

  • bactericidal, virucidal, yeasticidal, fungicidal
  • breaks down into water and salt
  • non-alcoholic
  • does not require labeling
  • fast-acting, environmentally friendly disinfection

Uncomplicated drive with air pressure

Compressed air is sufficient to atomize DEFEAT Konzentrat microscopically fine. Use your existing infrastructure or use our specially designed air compressor for your optimal disinfection – we will support you with the planning.

It’s that simple

Disinfection should be easy and manageable by anyone. The instruction takes place via video. The time you spend is minimized and results are not checked. You and your employees gain valuable time. And that with every application.

The new hygiene standard for your industry.

An effective way to fight viruses, spores, bacteria, fungi and odors.

The flexible fogging concept from Apollon can be used in all rooms where people meet.

  • Medical practices, hospitals, etc.
  • Supermarkets, processing companies, sensitive areas, etc.
  • Schools, kindergartens, universities, etc.
  • Motor vehicles, airplanes, trains etc.
  • Shops, showrooms etc.
  • Restaurants, hotels, night clubs etc.
  • Banks, post offices, offices etc.
  • Sports and wellness facilities, cinema halls, etc.

Schützen Sie die Menschen, die Ihnen wertvoll sind. Unser Verneblungskonzept wirkt schnell und effektiv gegen sämtliche Pilze, Keime, Bakterien und Viren. Etablieren Sie den neuen Hygienestandard in Ihrer Branche.

Bild Gesundheitswesen


Bild Lebensmittelindustrie

Food industry

Bild Bildungseinrichtungen

Educational Institutions

Bild Personenverkehr

Passenger traffic

Bild Handel & Hersteller

Trade & Manufacturers

Bild Gastronomie & Hotellerie

Gastronomy & Hotel business

Bild Öffentliche Gebäude & Firmen

Public buildings & Companies

Bild Sport & Freizeit

Sports & Freetime

Tested quality from Germany for the world.

Our disinfectant is tested by independent accredited laboratories and approved according to European standards according to EN 13727, EN 13624 and EN 14476.

A saline solution and an innovative process form the basis for an effective agent. This is so safe that it is also used to disinfect drinking water and in the medical field.

DEFEAT Konzentrat was dermatologically tested and rated “very good”. According to international guidelines, there are no toxic-irritative intolerance reactions.